Simple Stealth Antenna Using RG-58 (Video)

I made this simple stealth antenna using 100ft of RG-58 and two BNC to Banana plug adapters.  The banana plugs allow you to connect the center pin of the radio to the shield of the coax so it acts like a wire. In this case the wire is just laying in the grass where its very hard to see. There is no reason you couldn’t use coax as more elaborate antenna i just wanted to show you how to use the banana adapters to connect the center pin to the shield. You could transmit in to a long wire antenna with the proper matching device such as tuner or a end fed match but use caution to keep RF out of the shack or you!. This method would also be usefull for building a Marconi-T antenna out of a dipole with a small modification.

You can purchase the adapters on Amazon Female Adapter Male Adapter or any other supplier.