Oven Canning Dry Goods Cheaply

I was looking for a cheap way to store dry goods for a long period time. On the internet I found multiple ways to store food that ranged from using old pop bottles to oven canning using new mason jars. I did a few tests using old pasta sauce jars to make sure they seal properly by placing them in the oven, heating them, putting the lids on, and making sure they “tink” down once they cool. I have not yet done a long term test, but I think they will hold just fine for dry goods ( I will make a post if any of them fail over time).


There are many other ways to store food. I made a blog post a while back showing how to store food in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. I have also vacuum sealed mason jars using a food saver jar adapter to store dry food. Please research multiple methods to figure out what works best for you. Remember don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.


Things are going to be hot so use proper hot pads don’t burn your self!


  1. Wash the old jars in the dishwasher
  2. Rinse them after they come out to get any residue off
  3. Dry the jars in the oven at 230 deg F for 10 – 15 min until dry
  4. Put the dry goods in the jar tap on the counter to pack down leave 1/2″ air space at the top
  5. Place the full jars in the oven with the lids off for 1 hour at 230 deg
  6. While the jars are in the oven place the lids in a pan on the oven cover with water bring to simmer to clean and soften the seals
  7. After 1 hour take the jars out of the oven one at a time so they don’t cool to much before you put the lids on
  8. Take the lids out of the water, wipe off keeping them just damp so they seal properly
  9. Put the lids on tightly
  10. Place the jar aside to cool and repeat until finished
  11. After cool make sure the lids have tinked down into place (you should hear them tink as they cool)
  12. If any of them don’t tink, reheat and try a different jar or lid
Oven Canning Dry Goods Cheaply

Oven Canning Dry Goods Cheaply