Air Rifles For The Prepper Cheap, Quite, Fun

Always check the clearance section at Wal-Mart

Every time I make the inevitable weekly trip to Wal-Mart I check the clearance aisle for prepping supplies. I have been amazed at some of the things that turn up in the clearance sections from time to time. This trip yielded a Remington Express Synthetic .22 break barrel air rifle for $79. After a quick internet search showed prices from $110 – $150 and decent reviews I put it in the cart.

Air rifles have always been a part of my collection they serve many roles from training to hunting. I don’t know anyone that didn’t learn to shoot first with a BB or pellet gun. Air guns make an excellent weapon to take down small game and are very cheap to shoot, you can practice on a daily basis. Air rifles are also much quieter then most firearms, beware some air rifles are louder then you think so do your research. I have done a little bit of digging into casting pellets at home which looks to be viable but not cost effective even with improvised resources until SHTF, that’s a post for another day.

I was so impressed with the price and performance of the the Remington Express .22 air rifle i went back and grabbed another!

Remington .22 Air Rifle Wal-Mart Clearance $79.00

Remington .22 Air Rifle Buried In The Wal-Mart Clearance Aisle For $79.00

How powerful is and air rifle?

The Remington came with a 4×32 scope I haven’t had a chance to zero the scope yet so all my test shots where with iron sights. From 10 yards I had no problem keeping a very tight group with iron sights using Crosman 14.6 grain hollow point pellets. The big surprise was shooting clean holes through a 1×12 from 25 yards with hollow points. Full disclosure the 1×12 seemed rather soft as most tree farm yellow pine is these days, however the 14.3 grain hollow points would not penetrate a 2×4 of similar hardness.

Remington Express Synthetic .22 Air Rifle

Remington Express Synthetic .22 Air Rifle

Gamo Silent Cat .177 Air Rifle

Gamo Silent Cat .177 Air Rifle

I have also had a Gamo Silent Cat .177 break barrel air rifle for about a year. The Silent Cat has a built in suppressor that does seem to quite things down just a little, not nearly as much as I expected for it’s size.  The Silent Cat also had no problem punching holes through the same ¾” thick 1×12 using Crosman 7.9 gr hollow point pellets. I have yet to take these air rifles out and shoot them at any range over about 25 yards I will try and do that in a future post comparing them to the 22 long rife. For completeness here is a graph i made in Excel showing the energy in foot pounds of 7.9 grain .177 and 14.6 grain .22 pellets vs a 36 grain 22 long rifle a different velocities in FPS (Feet Per Second)


Air rifles in my collection

I’m by no means a big firearm or air rifle collector. I do have a number of air rifles in my collection i have picked up over the years.

  • Crosman Pumpmaster 760 .177 / BB (Pump, Cheap fun and it’s what i learned to shoot with)
  • Unmarked Chinese .177 (spring powered, wooden stock, fairly powerful CHEAP POS)
  • 2 x Remington Express Synthetic .22 (Break barrel)
  • Gamo Silent Cat .177 (Break barrel, suppressor)
Crosman Pumpmaster 760 .177 Pellet / BB Air Rifle

Crosman Pumpmaster 760 .177 Pellet / BB Air Rifle

The low cost of both the rifle and pellets combined with less regulation compared to fire arms make these a great tool to hunt small game, train, and just have fun with the family. They could greatly enhance any preppers collection, I sure wouldn’t want to go without air rifles in my collection.
Here are some pictures relating to the post.

Disclaimer: AIR GUNS ARE NOT TOYS! THEY CAN KILL PEOPLE, This post is not a product endorsement. This post is for information only it’s up to you to do the research, read the manual and take the training to be safe around anything dangerous. Don’t be stupid!