Mother Do You Think They’ll Drop The Bomb? North Korea

The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may look like a stupid spoiled overweight kid that’s playing with dangerous toys. I happen to believe that under estimating the intelligence of your adversary is a very stupid mistake. The laws of physics apply equally for a scientist at Los Alamos, Sarov, or somewhere in North Korea. All we have to do it look where other countries where after five nuclear tests. The US achieved a 49kt yield by what would be roughly the fifth test (excluding the bombs dropped on Japan) with the Yolk shot of Operation Sandstone April 30, 1948. The Soviet Union tested a deliverable 400kt thermonuclear device on their fourth test RDS-6s using the “solika” or layer cake design on August 12, 1953. The United Kingdom tested a similar “solika” designed thermonuclear device with a yield of 60kt on their fifth test G2 June 15, 1956. France’s first test was a 65kt pure fission design February 16, 1960. China’s third test was 250kt “solika” device May 9, 1966 roughly two years after their first test. India took similar path to North Korea testing mostly smaller devices but still achieving 45kt on their second test May 11, 1998.

North Korea claims to have miniaturized bombs that can be delivered over intercontinental ranges with the Hwasong-14 should we believe them? The short answer is yes, The Hwasong-14 has been tested in a ~3,700 km high lofted trajectory which if fired in a typical launch profile would result in roughly a 10,000 km range. So they have a missile that will go the distance and a bomb that will explode and it’s 2017 not the 1960’s even if North Korea doesn’t have access to modern super computers they have access to computing power The Manhattan Project couldn’t have even dreamed of!

Alleged North Korean Miniaturized Nuclear Bomb Casing

Alleged North Korean Miniaturized Nuclear Bomb Casing

Mother do you think they’ll drop the bomb? I have earthly idea what Dear Leader is thinking! But I do know that my family is prepared just in case the first 140 charter delectation of war is issued! I’m not talking about going all crazy Doomsday Preppers style and putting a giant round bottom flask shaped shelter under your garage floor (You have to admit that thing looked pretty cool)! Just read about the threat a little. Someone made a WikiHow To Survive A Nuclear Attack (With Pictures) and it’s not half bad. So if you want a little piece of mind check it out and get prepared it never hurt a family to have some extra food and water on hand… And for you Amateur Radio Operators in the world don’t forget you will be needed in the case of any large scale emergency and I will have a Ham Radio specific article soon.

If you want to see what kinda damage a 20kt nuke will cause to a city near you check out Alex Wellerstein’s Nuke Map